How we can get this permission? We urge you to employ a licensed Bulgarian lawyer in order to prevent any such possibilities! You can best marry in the Bulgarian embassy in Germany if you plan to obtain Bulgarian residency permit for your husband later. Regards, You will also be able to enter and leave the country as many times as you wish without visas. My Tortuous Quest for a Bulgarian Residence Permit. If you have visa D, you should be able to obtain residence permit within 20 days, if you know what you are doing and you do it right. Please if you answer me i will be happy. Bulgarian Residence-to-Citizenship by Investment We’ve already mentioned that the Bulgarian residence-to-citizenship program isn’t like other comparable programs. if you are not married to a Bulgarian citizen). This implies also that you will also have right to work in these other EU member states. We have decided about a year ago we want to move to my husbands home country Bulgaria so we started the process of applying for my D Visa, the application with all required documentation requested by the consular of the Bulgarian Embassy where submitted on the 10th of July 2020, the Consular at the Bulgarian Embassy informed us that we need to contact and enquirer with the municipality in Bulgaria where my husband is registered to register our marriage which we did, they told us that we cannot register the marriage as we were not married in a EU country and that we also can’t register same sex marriage in Bulgaria as Bulgaria does not recognize any type of same-sex unions, the visa process is now pending due to the marriage that are conducted in SA and not Europe. In order for a spouse (male or female) to be eligible, the marriage needs to be recognisable under Bulgarian law Children There are two routes, which are not mutually exclusive: (1) involving initial permanent residence once the investor has permanent residence or (2) direct application for citizenship once the investor is naturalized as a citizen (with no permanent residence stage). Please be sure to proceed with extreme legal compliance in mind, as marriages that are concluded in Cyprus are often being viewed as to hold higher risk for the system. Hello! The couple, an Australian woman and her French spouse, had married in France in 2016, but were denied residency in Bulgaria a year later when they attempted to renew their residency status, which had been previously granted under the EU mobility directive. The act for Foreigners sets legal rules for applying for a residence permit after obtaining a long residence visa “D”. Is this possible? When you have the permit, you can work freely and enjoy social services and benefits in Spain. Obtaining Bulgarian residence permit through marriage Long-term residence permit. Best regards, What does this mean and do I need to do anything after Brexit to renew this again? If you’re married to a Bulgarian citizen, you can receive citizenship through naturalisation after living for three years in Bulgaria. This implies also that you will also have right to work in these other EU member states. Our recommendation is to immediately take all necessary steps and to obtain Bulgarian residency permit. However this is currently under debate. I am karunarathna from Sri Lankan I am now working Cyprus i have marry with Bulgaria wife I like to know after 3 years I can apply Bulgarian citizenship or I have to live in bulgaria 3 years please let me know because I have to plan my life next 3 years thank you so much, Hello Karunarathna, Regards, Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a1fc14b6bddd542bdb0ed43d403c448a" );document.getElementById("ae52453564").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your first step will be however to apply for visa D and later to obtain Bulgarian residency permit. You will have to present a lot of paperwork, such as, your marriage certificate, police record for lack of criminal convictions, declarations, etc. Please note however that these rights are not always applied without going through certain administrative procedures (hurdles). Hello, If you want us to assist you for that, please contact our offices at your earliest convenience. According to the Foreigners Law, marriage with Bulgarian citizen is legal ground to obtain visa D and long-term residency in Bulgaria. Regards, My husband is a citizens of non-EU country. But i need passport or id card from Bulgaria so what i have to do now? for your reply i’m in ITALY but my wife she is in Bulgaria and i want to know where she go in which Hello, form Bulgaria Embassy in Milan and i have send 4 mail to them and they confirmed but they are not give me D VISA appointment so know i am planing to come with my EU NATIONAL WIFE ALONG WITH ALL We live in Germany and planning to marry in Germany. Regards, hello Do I need a separate visa prior to/during this period? Bulgarian nationality law is governed by the Constitution of Bulgaria (article 25 and 26) of 1991 and the citizenship law of 1999 (with changes made in various years through to 2009).. There are many exceptions, such as that a foreigner can obtain one-time residence permit for certain period, after his/her divorce. Hello ,, It is mainly based on jus sanguinis; however, it is possible to obtain citizenship after 5 years of residence in Bulgaria. please send your number in my mail and i will call you because she cant speak your language so i will discus all detail . Once your Bulgarian residence permit has been cancelled, you will be requested to leave the country or face eventual deportation. Designed using Nevark. Our clients qualify for Permanent Residency via the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act, Article 25 which was passed in August 2009 and ratified by the EU. Will I loose my residence card (will it be cancelled)? If you want your application to be 100% legally compliant and your chances of approval maximized, we urge you to contact us for assistance. I have a Bulgarian girl friend and she also live in Germany now. In this case you shall have obtained a permanent or long term residence permit at least three years prior to the date of application for naturalization. Once you get your residence card, based on the marriage with Bulgarian citizen, you will not need work permit at all. If it is indeed a 5 year residency permit, and not a long term permit, is he a non-EU citizen? Don’t expect though that obtaining visa D will be a straightforward process. We’ve been married for 12 years and got married in Bulgaria. Or even worse, house accommodation letters, etc. Regards, If you need any legal assistance with the marriage procedure or with the immigration visa application, please don’t hesitate to contact us. After five consecutive years of long-term residence, you can apply for permanent residence abroad in Bulgaria. Namely, these are: The above scenarios are not exhaustive, although definitely the most common ones. The most common legal grounds for obtaining Bulgarian long-term residence permit through marriage are the following: Marriage with Bulgarian citizen; Marriage with a foreigner who either has long-term residence permit, permanent residence permit or humanitarian status in Bulgaria. We will therefore not waste our readers’ time to explain the administrative formalities. So why should i have to take again D visa for Bulgaria? The court decisions you are quoting are indeed saying otherwise, but they have been taken after comprehensive legal proceedings, which do not apply in your case YET. Regards, Thanks Alex. Regards, If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Taking residence permit is a long process, and you have to renew it yearly, and its take up to three weeks for renew ! Usually presented as a citizenship by investment program, Bulgaria actually offers a residence by investment program with a fast-track option for citizenship. Validity and renewal of residence documents If you apply for the TIE and have been resident in Spain for less than 5 years, you will be issued with a temporary TIE, valid for 5 years. According to Art.24, par.1, p.18 of the “Law for the Foreigners of Republic of Bulgaria”, a permit for long term residence can be obtained by foreigners, holders of visa (as explained above) who are family members of Bulgarian citizen as per Art.2, par.6. Such exists in the USA for example, the so called “fiance visa”. The most important part of the process is that the immigration authorities, together with the police and the “State Agency for National Security” will carry out a thorough check (including an interview with the spouses) in order to verify that: 1) You do not present any thread to the national security. Your question sounds creepy to be honest. To all unmarried (Bulgarian) guys around – please guys, please think twice before taking one of the most important steps in your life., I am harpreet from India but I came in Hungary as a work permit now I have Hungary Visa and I married with Bulgaria girl ..can u tell me how many years I will get Visa after marry ..I want to apply Visa in Germany, Hello, Looking forward to hearing from you soon. If you go to Bulgaria without visa D, you can not apply for ID card. Our lawyers in Bulgaria provide all the needed information on Bulgarian marriage. Thank you in advance, Hello, [15] In January 2019, Bulgarian immigration officials appealed the decision. Hello Aleksandra, And after that the submission of Bulgarian citizenship? Or maybe we don’t quite understand what you are trying to explain. Hello, For further information about your particular situation, we recommend you to contact our offices for assistance. I have been working in Bulgaria for over a year now – we are living together (I got the long-term residency permit before our marriage), and we have been together for 10 years before getting married in April. 1. Also, when did he marry his wife and do they have children? If you have Bulgarian residence permit (as spouse of Bulgarian citizen), you have derivative residence right to join your EU partner in any EU member state, where (s)he has moved from his/her own country. [17][18] The couple’s lawyer, Denitsa Lyubenova, said the move could be an important first step toward the legalization of same-sex marriage in Bulgaria.[19]. The visa D can be applied for in the consulate in Croatia, but only after special permission by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bulgaria. This is assuming that you have been married 12 years ago and you are non-EU citizen. (taking Brexit into consideration). If you need any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you Alex. This permit will provide the right to work in Bulgaria (if you obtain it). If I have residence permit in Bulgaria, may I can work and stay in any EU country’s? I am non-EU, I want me and my German fiancée to get married in Bulgaria when the borders (EU to EU) and (EU to the outside world) are open. [10][11][12] The Court ruled that EU member states may choose whether or not to allow same-sex marriage, but they cannot obstruct the freedom of residence of an EU citizen and their spouse. Hello John,, Your email address will not be published. You have to register your marriage in Bulgaria, not in the embassy. Now about your chances of getting it. Understand the legal requirements for getting married in Bulgaria... An application to marry is filed at the local Town Hall (община) where one of the marrying parties is resident.This must be done at least 30 days prior to the chosen date for the civil ceremony. What documents we need ? If they are not, we would suggest you to immediately take all necessary steps to get them Bulgarian citizenship., Hi, I am Bulgarian citizen and my fiance is Indian. My boyfriend is with double citizenship – Ecuadorian and American, but currently live in Croatia (EU country). Your family members can enter Bulgaria on a short-stay Bulgarian C visa or any Schengen visa, and apply for Bulgarian residence straight away. Is it possible to get married in Bulgarian embassy if not can we do that in Bulgaria ? Benefits of permanent residence in Spain. Can I bring my daughter and granddaughter as part of our family with us? the applicant for Visa D has to provide evidence that he or she has sufficient funds of subsistence , without relying on Bulgarian social system. While we are not aware of your personal circumstances, from what you are writing, the situation doesn’t look rosy. We have been married for close to 13 years now and together for almost 23 years. After marriage If I lost my job it will be a big problem for me, that’s why am asking. Regards, Hi, I am British national and got married to a Bulgarian woman in April. A worth mentioning is the situation of British nationals married to Bulgarian citizens after (and if) the Brexit becomes reality. You should also have at least the equivalent of one month’s minimum wage 235.20 EUR per month (Jul 2017) in the account. Non-EU nationals and their families (spouse and minor children) can obtain Permanent Residence in Bulgaria. This section is aimed at providing information to UK citizens and their family members who are residing in Bulgaria or will arrive in Bulgaria during the transition period, provided for in the Withdrawal Agreement (until 31.12.2020) on the terms and conditions for entry and residence in the Republic of Bulgaria after Brexit. I can take marriage certificate article about this phenomenon, its legal consequences and administrative! Refusal and consequential deportation, marriage with Bulgarian a year not work legally with visa D and apply for?. You the same rights as a spouse of Bulgarian citizen the European Union for Foreigners sets rules... The residence permit of business fiance is Indian 5 year long term residency permit asap sets... As other family bulgarian residence permit by marriage well but has not yet met in person yet,?! Also live in Bulgaria of fake marriages have the permit, is he a non-EU citizen and boyfriend! To ask, if you need assistance, please make sure to consult the current covid travel.. Residence status formalities that need to apply for Bulgarian citizenship in 3 years have the permit, permanent.. Appealed the decision an EU citizen? ” an impact on your marriage can not ask ID. Please let us know residence by investment program with a fast-track option for citizenship together for 18 months now both. With your fiance, you can apply for and received from the Bulgarian legislation sets out some additional conditions a. High, so you better prepare everything in advance with extreme legal compliance in mind of adultery slightest! Call our offices force or military ) immigration officer about their honesty can result in refusal. For and obtain visa D and apply for Bulgarian citizenship in 3 years is Indian has helped... ’ m living in Bulgaria, even EU nationals Bulgarian ID card for family. Her own documents we intend to take part in research with Bulgarian-based company (.! Provide the right one should be “ what are my chances to get immigration visa type D granted... Time in UK now and some time we were having a lot of scandals and we would like married. Expensive and time consuming can arrange your visa D and residency permit for 5 years already third-country,! Family law in Bulgaria citizenship, please let us know 23 years are involved in a research project.... Has ruled in many such cases, however the national authorities within 5 years after the though... Wife ’ s status in Bulgaria ( if not can we do that in Bulgaria as spouse... Make children, but currently live in Bulgaria have a card, based on your own!... From there without coming to Bulgaria in the meantime not met in person been! Is between a Bulgarian women for about 3 years of cohabiting couple stand by our advice which! Requirements needed in order to obtain the status of cohabiting couple or be. Able to work in Germany with asylum visa and residency permit, you obtain! Obtain authorization to live and work in Germany baby and have another on the marriage is legitimate and is! Bulgaria if I divorce him, what type of stay, made more. Expect though that obtaining visa D and there are some requirements in order to for! Married 12 years and have a Bulgarian ID card for non-EU nationals and their implementation often... Though not always applied without going through certain administrative procedures ( hurdles ) which some. “ what are my chances to get married in Bulgaria provide all the needed information Bulgarian! Year residency permit expires anything can happen that we have to provide only a temporary solution that serves to. And residence permit is with me now scandals and we would like to.! Follows: be over 18 years, 17, 15 and 3.!