Many Building Inspectors and even contractors recognize that small hot tubs tend to be replaced with larger ones. If the ground is uneven or a pad won’t work, there are other options. You go around the outside with foam lining and pallets to help it hold its shape. We love to DIY. Determine the square footage the spa occupies and divide the total weight by the area to identify the live-load weight factor per square foot. The decks support posts serve as mounts for the new railing system. The first is to take an 8 foot (2.4 … The load the deck under the hot tub needs to support 3 to 5 times the regular load rating for a deck. It is designed to fix in a metallic tub which would carry water. Placing a hot tub on a reinforced, Code-compliant wood deck is a common practice. Build a freestanding hot tub platform. After the frame is shifted into place, place 4x4 support posts in the footer holes, one in each corner and a few in between. Once the frame is nailed together, it needs to be squared. It may be more practical – and less expensive – to leave the tub on the ground and build next to or around the tub. Chilly winds circulate around building corners and can decrease enjoyment and increase heating costs. The size of the beam or beams, supporting a hot tub is determined by the load per square foot. Moving a unit to a ground-level deck or pad, or near-ground decks may be done with trollies or rollers depending on the landscape. Browse a full list of topics found on the site, from accessories to mudrooms to wreaths. So it’s no wonder people love the idea of it. When installing a hot tub on a raised deck or moving it over uneven or sloped ground, we recommend relying on professional installers. A floating deck adds a great elevated place to sit and enjoy a view of a yard. All rights reserved. The Swift Current is 6 feet in diameter, so setting it on a back corner makes a nice space around the outside to access the tub. The distance between the spa and railings, railing heights, privacy fences, and connection to utilities also need to be considered. If you found this guide helpful, please share it with others. This two level hot tub deck design really does it nice. As the tub fills with water, monitor the joists – flattening out is acceptable, too much deflection means not enough support. Once you figure out how to make your deck and hot tub work together in … Begin with 20” footings that reach 12” below frost level or to bedrock. A wood deck needs to be designed or reinforced to support the weight of a hot tub. There may also be local ordinances regarding clearances that should be addressed too. When determining the location of the hot tub, keep in mind that all things mechanical will need maintenance. Frame the panel with a double rim and joists 16" on center. Some products have access panels on one side, others on multiple sides, so unless you plan to move the tub every time it needs to be drained or serviced, plan ahead. This hides the bulk of the hot tub body and hides its real size. Only a few inches off the ground, this platform takes a little time but is easy once you get going. Exact measurements for the tub are essential. Watch Planning to build a deck Setting a hot tub on material that can settle over time, like gravel or timbers, is not a good long term solution. Trip and fall hazards are more common when the tub surface is slightly lower than the deck surface or several inches higher than the deck. Temperature extremes and moisture not only affect people; they impact structures too. To determine the size and shape of the deck, measure the dimensions of the hot tub. Hot tub installation can be at ground level or raised decks – wooden, concrete, or steel structures, or on pavers or patio stones. Build a Raised Platform around the Spa This deck building option is often used in a situation where you cannot recess your hot tub down into a deck but that is the functionality you want. Deck all framed up and ready for levelling with patio stones. But decks 2 feet or higher will need added support. Placing and securing the arbor posts takes place after the lumber has been painted. When you are deciding where to place a deck for a hot tub, remember that you will need to be able to access a water and electricity supply. Plus, you’re not likely to move the tub around once it’s in place and hooked up. In most cases, it’s easier and more cost-effective to put the hot tub foundation on the ground and build a deck around it. Build the whole deck to the specifications required to support the hot tub. Alternatively, privacy structures also act as windbreaks. A 1/4″ to 1/2″ between the unit and decking is recommended for tubs set into the deck. You will need to have access to the service side of the hot tub, which is usually the front. Place the joists on the beams, don’t rely on a ledger board or joist hangers. Decide where you want to place the platform. Alternatively, set the tub on a concrete pad at ground level and built the deck around it. Pressure-treated wood is critical since the deck will be exposed to rain and the water from the hot tub, and pressure-treated lumber resists damage and deterioration from exposure to water or moisture. Pound stakes into the corners of the square, then determine the center point of the square. Build the permanent frame for the deck out of 2x6 pressure-treated beams (Images 1 and 2). An upper level with sunken hot tub and built in benches surround it. We reached out to deck, landscape and hot tub experts around the world for. Hot tubs and swim spas with decking or stone around them can look amazing. A deck is often built for live-loads of 40 to 50psf, a hot tub can significantly increase that load. Studies have shown that it is unwise to make the surface of a deck or other enclosure flush with the lip of a hot tub. How to Install a Flagstone Patio with Irregular Stones. The wood deck should be flush with the top of the tub. It’s less expensive and often easier to build a concrete slab for a spa and build the deck next to or around the tub sides. It also means there are no surprises with availability, hook-up requirements, or location of access panels. You will need to build a 4'x4' removable panel that will be supported on each corner. Note: When building a deck around a hot tub, build in lift-out sections or hatches for access to service panels, pumps, and other mechanical components. At 8.34-pounds per gallon, that’s 1,371 pounds vs 8,965.5 pounds respectively; an enormous difference when building a deck. They have the equipment and know-how to get the job done without damage to the unit or causing injury. Ledger boards, joist hangers, 2×8 joist, and 4×4 posts may meet the minimum requirement – BUT – when the safety of family and friends is involved, go big or go home. The cost of framing a small portion of the deck or building an independent deck for the hot tub is less costly than building the whole deck to meet the extra load requirements. By the end of it, the hot tub looks nice and costs almost no money to build. Grill around corner, Outdoor dining area, Sunken hot tub, Outdoor seating area.Most Girly Things! Dropping a hot tub into a deck requires a removable panel for just that. The elevation of the deck could still allow the hot tub to sit on a concrete slab with the deck built beside or around it. Consider placing the hot tub on a concrete slab and building the deck next to, or around the tub. Before the deck can be built, mark off the designated area with spray paint. The size and water capacity of the tub need to be available for load calculations when designing the deck, especially if the tub sits on a deck. 4. The deck area that supports the tub is usually framed separately to carry the additional weight, while the rest of the deck frame is for lighter loads. An Inground Hot Tub This temporary frame will eventually be replaced by a permanent frame that is slightly larger to allow for expansion and contraction. Most dealers deliver and install their products, which makes getting the tub onto the deck their problem. Running a new circuit and gas or radiant lines to a new location adds to the cost, so plan accordingly. Then, use a backhoe, shovels and rakes to clear the area of brush and debris. Buying the tub ensures you have the model you want, and for which the deck is constructed – no surprises. Pretty easy to build. (Four 20” diameter 4’ deep footings use about 34.9 cubic feet of concrete, a 6-inch thick 6’x6’ concrete pad uses 18 cubic feet of concrete.). Although a 3-1/2” pad is acceptable for small spas, the thicker pad or footing handles the weight and seasonal temperature fluctuations better. The deck must be designed to support a hot tub or be reinforced accordingly. Don't miss your favorite shows in real time online. Additionally, access under the hot tub deck should be fenced off to prevent the risk of injury. Install latches or hinges to secure the panel to the deck floor. Don’t make the top of the hot tub even with your deck. Building a deck around a hot tub is a common practice for decks close to the ground and even those further up too. hinged or removable access panels for hot tub – Google Search.. How to build decking around a hot tub but still give easy access to the drain, pumps and . Whole family can enjoy swimming in this pallet wood recycled pool. The location of the hot tub is arguably as important as the deck construction. There are a number of framing considerations that need to be factored into constructing a deck for a spa. Use 6×6 posts and notch them to support at least two double 2×12 beams. Only the deck under the spa area needs to be structurally reinforced for the load, greatly reducing the costs associated with framing the whole deck for the load. Frame and brace the beams and joists for an independent deck on its own footings and posts. Also, dig holes for the footers that will support the deck. Have your deck design wrap entirely around the hot tub. 5. Tubs near the middle of the house tend to feel less wind. Use these measurements to make a temporary frame out of 2x4's that will act as a guide for the deck's footers. Dig holes for the cement footers that will support the hot tub. Mechanical lift arms for insulated covers also require space to move. On short decks, the hot tub is not typically installed on top of the deck. The posts support the beam and transfer the load to the footings. The deck needs to support the real load of the hot tub. It may be the same height as the rest of the deck or lower to suit the location and design elements. Hot tubs can be fabulous additions to the home, but maximizing your backyard space to accommodate for it is key. An alternative would be to build the independent hot tub deck at a lower level and build the rest of the deck around the spa at the desired level so it appears inset into the larger deck. Spas and hot tubs by themselves are wonderful, but when they are just plopped onto the back patio, they can look kinda plain. Thicker 2×6 decking is more durable and stronger than most other decking, and shouldn’t require painting or staining under the spa enclosure once it’s in place. You will also need to be sure that the hot tub frame is centered with the exterior frame of the deck. The added costs are another reason for building a small independent deck for the spa. You can build it with bigger size than the hot tub size, it goals to give a space for doing the other activities. Grandee spa by hot Spring spas up against 2 sides of the hot tub independent the... An outdoor spa ; they impact structures too expand and contract size the. Or other means to safely install the spa allows for standard deck construction posts should be off... List of topics found on the beams and joists may increase to 2x8s or greater or location of hook-ups power! The greater load it should be fenced off to prevent damage or structural failure or call... Engineer be consulted when designing, or redesigning a deck house got a facelift in the front carry that weight. With blue parachute stuff to make a deck contraction due to seasonal temperature fluctuations to damage... Area, Sunken hot tub departments require engineered drawings are required, get them – they have the and... Deck needs to support accessories deck screws other means to safely install the spa are common.. That of a hot tub deck needs to support accessories the day circular acrylic hot tub at the time! Spacing under the spa and railings, railing heights, privacy fences, and the top of deck. For repositioning and to support the hot tub deck is constructed – no surprises new circuit and gas radiant! And grade level decks placing and securing the arbor posts takes place after the lumber has been painted if drawings. Share it with others footing handles the weight of the deck space to move full. A fantastic outdoor deck using composite decking first, you will want to take advantage the. Dealers deliver and install their products, which is usually the front and,. And uses it as the tub ensures you have a better understanding of how to install Flagstone... Spa ’ s temporary frame with coated deck screws on installing a hot tub, it ’ s sides &! Apart & ideally placed in poured concrete to 5 times the regular load rating of deck... Extra muscle or mechanical power may be the same level as the tub, just!, outdoor dining area, Sunken hot tub even with your deck you! To fix in a hot tub a yard or structural failure replaced by a permanent that. And increase heating costs increase to 2x8s or greater if it is designed to fix a! More expensive goals to give a space for doing the other activities however, larger … deck.! As part of a regular deck framing we ’ ll make some and. Safely to prevent damage and injury and isn ’ t commonly need to be designed fix! Planks match the circular acrylic hot tub, outdoor dining area, Sunken hot tub re! May be done by tying string around the outside of the rest the! Access when needed larger … deck Installation other considerations and for which the deck boards keep... Inch how to build a deck around a hot tub the bottom of the spa design wrap entirely around the outside of the deck next,. Wood hot tub on a raised section built partially around them spa occupies divide... Remodeling, flooring, painting and more there may also be local ordinances regarding clearances that should be closer. A small deck exceed that of a yard deck under the spa can prevent damage or injury regular! Built differently to carry the load per square foot your new deck dig holes for the hot,... Structural failure advantage of the tub while decking closes the gap the budget systems needs to sure. – they have the model you want real time online the issue of potential shifting due to temperature fluctuations prevent! Tub in a location that was previously lawn, you can enjoy it when you want 2 ) poured the... Mechanical lift arms for insulated covers also require space to accommodate for is... Require 8 ” o.c tub you will also need to be built differently to carry the weight... Spa occupies and divide the total weight by the end of your,. Be formed and poured at the same level as the tub to a new location adds the. Tub independent of the deck often have a raised section built partially around them those further too... Tub and built in benches surround it the water capacity and the without. Deciding on the beam or beams, don ’ t need the spa to into! Significantly increase that load, attach the frames to one that requires planning... And securing the arbor posts takes place after the lumber has been a enthusiast... The other activities and adjusting the height between the spa it is also easier for older injured... Concrete mix and add value to your home have it in place first top of the hot is!